FGAS Registered Handlers

Refcom gas certificated

This is a statutory qualification within the Air Conditioning Industry. It ensures an industry standard in the proceedings of the uses of refrigerant & uses. With accreditation, we legally show we only employ competently trained people. We are also obliged to meet the criteria set out to have the correct procedures in place in handling refrigerants.


“In an era of intensifying debate about global climate change and co2 emissions, Sub-Cool FM offers only the most efficient and sustainable options available on the market.”

Mitsubishi Accredited Installer

Awarded in 2016 we were delighted to be recognised to be installing/servicing Mitsubishi Electric equipment to the highest of standards. Alongside the relevant training courses, we could achieve this accreditation. Having a strong supplier relationship allows faster equipment ordering, reduced part waiting times, with the bonus of being able to offer 3 Year comprehensive product warranties.

Mitsubishi accredited installer logo

Toshiba T5 Installers

Toshiba air conditioing warranty installer

Awarded in 2016 we have shown the manufacturer the relevant training & experience required to meet the award. We are able to offer 3 years’ comprehensive warranties on Toshiba Systems.


Being awarded the T5 Installer accreditation ensures we able to be extremely competitive in pricing our installations while maintaining are incredibility high standards” Company Director & Contract engineer Jacob Swei

MHI Diamonds

Capturing this accreditation through experience of the product with additional manufacturer training has allowed our commercial clients a reduced equipment cost & varied project approach. Being able to “affordably reduce energy consumption while being within a certain budget can be tricky.

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