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Sub Cool FM Air Conditioning

Why Residential Customers Use Us

  • Vast range of experience with all major brands of systems able to give honest Pro’s & Con’s of each

  • An honest personal approach

  • Reduced installation rates for residential customers

  • We aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction every time

  • We are the only contractor able to carry out discreet installations while remaining neat & tidy

Why Commercial Clients Use Us

  • We only install equipment which is reliable & industry trusted.

  • We are Highly trusted by manufacturers, quite often we invite them to visit us on site.

  • Manufacturer trained on a vast range of systems.

  • Extremely quick turnaround times.

  • We lead the south east with the latest innovative equipment available, this often-reduces labour time.

Corporate Suppliers Trust us

  • All of our engineers are up to date trained with an added bonus of courtesy and politeness.

Commercial Air Conditioning covering Brighton, Crawley, Surrey, Sussex

Commercial Air Conditioning covering Brighton, Crawley, Surrey, Sussex

We are a Crawley based Air Conditioning company covering all areas in the South East of England.

Sub-Cool FM are fast becoming the leading Commercial Air Conditioning Service provider in the South East.

An exceptional skill set of engineers ensures Air Conditioning Breakdowns are reduced.

Air Conditioning Maintenance & servicing is extensive & up to date.

An unrivalled approach to an  ideal installation with a vast range of options.

  • Unit type
  • Different brand type
  • Noise variation

We often bring the manufacturers to visit our sites for clarity across a vast size of projects.

Our Number One Target for our Commercial customers are:

“An above industry standard service which is realistic & honest in its approach”


Commercial Air Conditioning covering Brighton, Crawley, Surrey, Sussex

Can apply to:

  • Office Air Conditioning
  • Chillers
  • Split Air Conditioning
  • Multi Air Conditioning
  • VRF
  • VRV
  • Server Room Air Conditioning
  • Computer Room Air Conditioning
  • Cellar Cooling

Commercial Air Conditioning covering Brighton, Crawley, Surrey, Sussex

Our Customers range from Blue Chip companies to Small businesses (due to our competitive options) schools, Colleges

Why Sub Cool FM?

  • Larger A/C Companies in the area regularly use us to carry out works on their behalf due to our high technical knowledge. Cut out the middleman.


Commercial Air Conditioning covering Brighton, Crawley, Surrey, Sussex

Our Commercial Air Conditioning portfolio of clients have a 100% Satisfaction rate.

We use the opportunity to take new client to view our clients work space as a visual showroom

We believe in understanding the many pros & cons of different models we can tailor each requirement. We are not salesman for certain brands. By giving honest advice from an engineer’s point of view, & practicality point of view we aim to gain your trust & ensure we leave each residential customer 100% Satisfied.

Brands we work with